Can you record calls on iPhone 13?

Are you trying to find a way to record your phone calls on an iPhone call, say, for an interview? Unfortunately, there’s no native feature or app that allows you to do that in a straightforward manner given the potential legal repercussions Apple could face. Thankfully, though, there are a few ways to get around that obstacle.

Assuming you have permission from the person on the other end of the call that you’re recording (depending on where you live, you could be breaking the law if you don’t!), we found three ways you can do so.

Use the Voice Memos app

There are a few ways you can record phone calls from your iPhone if you’re comfortable using an external device and a recording app. For example, if you have a second iOS device like an iPhone or an iPad, you can use the free Voice Memos app (or any free recording app) to record your conversation using your phone’s speaker setting.

Voice Memos typically comes preinstalled, though you can install it for free from the App Store if necessary. Here’s how to use it.

  • First, make sure the second device is as close as possible to your iPhone. (Remember, you’ll be using it as a speakerphone.)
  • After opening the Voice Memos app, click on the red record button before you start the call.
  • Be sure to click Speaker on your iPhone so that the Voice Memos app will be able to hear and record the conversation. It’s a good idea to turn the phone volume up as much as possible so the app better picks up sound.
  • When you’re done with the phone call, click on the red record button once again.
  • You can then share the file with yourself via text message, AirDrop, email, or Google Drive. Just tap the file, click on the button with three dots next to it, and select where you want to share it.


After opening the Voice Memos app, click on the red record button before you start the call.

How to record an iPhone call using the Google Voice app for iOS

If you don’t want to use a second external device, you can download the Google Voice app. The Google Voice app will let you make calls for free and record them, though you’ll have to use a Google Voice number to do this. The downside to this is that you can only record incoming, rather than outgoing, calls.

  • Download the Google Voice app for iOS from the App Store.
  • If this is your first time using Google Voice, you’ll be asked to choose a free phone number and specify which device you are going to make the call from.
  • Head on over to Settings on the Google Voice app. Under Calls, Toggle on Incoming call options.
  • Once the call has started and everybody’s on it, click on the number four on the keypad to start the recording. An announcement will be made that the recording has begun.
  • To end the recording, either click the number four on the keypad or hang up.
  • Once the call is over, you’ll get a pop-up from Google Voice with the recording. If you don’t, you can also head on over to the Voicemail tab to find the recording.


Download the Google Voice app for iOS from the App Store.

How to record an iPhone call using the Rev Call Recorder app

Alternatively, you can use the Rev Call Recorder app, which is also free to download in the App Store, to record conversations. Rev Call Recorder gets around the issue of recording by becoming the third member of a three-way call — in other words, when you use Rev Call Recorder, you will be sharing a call between you, the other party, and Rev’s service.

  • Download the Rev Call Recorder app from the App Store.
  • When prompted, type in your cellphone number and then verify it with the verification code you will be texted.
  • After that, click on the phone call button. Type in the number and select Start Call.
  • Once you finish the call, the recording will show up in the main menu.
  • Clickon the square Share button to the left of Transcribe to share it via the service of your choice.
  • Tap on Share Recording and choose where you want to share the recording.


When prompted, type in your phone number.

Apple's iPhones do not offer a native way to record incoming or outgoing voice calls. As this is not a particularly advanced or difficult technology to implement, it's thought that Apple chose to omit call recording due to legal complications. In most U.S. states, only one person needs to give consent for a call to be recorded, but 11 states require everyone involved in a conversation to agree to be recorded. (Look up the laws in your state here.)

If you have a need to record calls, say, for an interview, we've found a fabulous free app that can help you to do so.

The small print

The most important point to consider when planning to record a phone call is to ensure you get consent from the other person or people who will be recorded. You can obtain this verbally at the start of the call, asking, for example, "I'm planning to record this, are you OK with that?" If the person(s) responds positively, go ahead and press record.

An even more cautious approach is to get the consent in writing, in the form of an email or other kind of message, ahead of time.

The app that can record iPhone calls — for free

The app we're featuring in this guide is the Rev Call Recorder iOS app from a tech startup called Rev, which is based in San Francisco and Austin.

Credit: screenshot: rev

Rev Call Recorder is an easy-to-use iPhone app available in the United States that allows you to record calls in one simple step. This app has no limits for recording incoming or outgoing calls, and it's simple to share recordings via Dropbox or email. Rev Call Recorder has more than 8.6 thousand ratings that give it an average 4.4 out of five score.

Why would Rev offer such a comprehensive tool for free? Rev's main business is to convert audio and video to text with its paid-for transcription and captions service. After your call, you have the option to pay to get your recording transcribed by a skilled human transcriptionist, although you do not have to choose to do this. If you do, Rev charges $1.25 per minute.

Simple functionality

Rev Call Recorder is simple to use. Once you've downloaded the free app and verified your number (FYI: This app only works with country code +1 phone numbers), simply tap the "Start Recorded Call" option at the bottom of your screen:

Credit: screenshot: rev

Then select whether you're making an outgoing call or receiving an incoming call.

Credit: screenshot: rev

Follow the prompts and your call will be recorded, then automatically saved to your recorded calls list. Tap on a recording to see share options, including emailing the audio file or saving it to Dropbox.

How do I record a conversation on my iPhone 13?

With the Voice Memos app (located in the Utilities folder), you can use iPhone as a portable recording device to record personal notes, classroom lectures, musical ideas, and more..
To begin recording, tap . ... .
Tap. ... .
To review your recording, tap . ... .
To save the recording, tap Done..

Can I record a phone call while talking on my iPhone?

Recording a conversation on your iPhone is not a feature that comes with your Apple products, meaning you cannot record conversations directly from the phone app on your iPhone.

How can I record a free call on my iPhone 13?

[4 Easiest Ways] How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone in 2023.
#1) Using Third-Party Applications. 1) TapeACall. 2) Rev. 3) Call Recorder Lite. 4) Applavia Call Recorder for iPhone..
#2) Without App for Free..
#3) Using Google Voice..
#4) Using Voicemail..